REIONATOR Water Conditioner


How the REIONATOR Series Works:

Step 1:

Incoming water is filtered and purified by the REIONATOR taste and odor filters.

Step 2:

Water from the REIONATOR taste and odor filter enters WATERTECH's exclusive 7-cycle control valve and flows down through the media tank.

Step 3:

The water is filtered and softened as it passes the special "ion exchange" resin. Hardness ions are ionically retained in and on the resin.

Step 4:

After complete conditioning, the water exits the media tank through the riser pipe and out the control valve. You'll now feel and experience soft, clean water throughout your business or home.

Maintenance Free

Demand-initiated water control only regenerates the system as needed. This saves you water. Using salt as a regenerant, removes hardness ions and are back flushed down the drain. The unit then prepares itself for the next purification cycle.

REIONATOR vss Softner