About Water

what is hard water?

Chlorine in Water

Chlorine is a poisonous yellowish-green gas which is heavier than air.  It is added to water as a DISINFECTANT to destroy harmful bacteria, but could cause other health problems.  Once it has done its job, it should be removed.

Nitrate in Water

Higher levels on nitrates indicate contaminated water.  Common contaminants include fertilizers, animal wastes, septic tanks. municipal sewage, and decaying plant debris, it should be removed.

Quick change cartridge system so water is always fresh.

Municipality water break down. Industry at demand 90% while home drinking water is only 1/2%.

Like bottled water then DIY IT. 

Your municipality is doing a great job; however, you can make sure their efforts are not wasted.  Drinking water is only 1/2% of their interest.  Find out through Reverse Osmosis how the water in your home can be made better then bottled water for pennies on the dollar. Stop paying the 280% markup price and clean your water yourself.