Taste and Smell

enjoy better than bottle quality water
DIY Reverse Osmosis

Remove Taste and Smell through Reverse Osmosis (RO).

If you smell or taste chlorine and other contaminants in your drinking water, simply remove them through a reverse osmosis water purification system.it.

Bathe with confidence and enjoy smoother skin using less soap.

Bathing in chlorine uses a lot of soap and normally results in dry itchy skin.  You then have to use lotion or other skins softeners to cover the damage the chlorine is doing. By filtering the water in your home the water is softened, chlorine is removed.  Your skin will feel softer and you will save on skin care products.  You can keep using your preferred brand but it will last twice as long because you will need to apply less.

Both Peas are fresh but one batch was washed and cooked with purified water… Guess which one.

Experience better tasting food using purified water.  Aside from the fresh taste, the new smells will delight your senses.

Purified water removes all toxic pesticides from fruits and vegetables.

It is unbelievable how much pesticides they have to use these days.  Your habit is to  rinse them off under the TAP.  It is best to filter that TAP water and reduce the amount of contaminants all together.

Make your beverages better using purified filtered drinking water from your TAP.

The next time you make tea or coffee, the next time you blend your favorite smoothie, use purified filtered water and make everything taste better.